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New cure for hallucinations!!!
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Well, fil had his psych eval so that he can get his meds through the VA. Dh told the doctor all about the freak-out sessions at night where fil screams for hours at people who are not there. The amazingly wise doctor who is on the cutting-edge of the psychiatric profession gave us the cure: a NIGHT LIGHT! That's right folks, apparently a simple plug-in night light will cure all our problems. And to think, we uneducated bumpkins would have tried to sedate him! What were we thinking!? Medicate him so that he doesn't try to walk on one leg, bang his head on the floor and curse at the ghosts in the corner all night long?

Don't worry that fil refuses to have a night light and will urinate on the floor out of anger if we leave one on. Just plug one in and POOF! no more "night time confusion."

Why didn't we think of this? Oh, right, we did. We tried it - that's how we know he refuses night lights. I guess we just didn't have the right kind of night light. So, can anyone tell me where you buy the battery-powered-hallucination-chasing-miracle-lights?

Can you hear my sarcasm? Can you tell I'm a bit frustrated?

Not only did we not get a medication for the out of control times, dh had to beg the doctor not to discontinue the Risperdal and Zoloft.

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Are these not the absolute worst? My husband could carry on conversations for hours with all his nonexistant friends. I can't give any advice on what to do about them. I never found anything that really helped. I just learned to deal. They were the worst thing I had to deal with even up to and including his death.

I had finally gone to bed one night about 2 a.m. About 4 I heard him say his name. I bounded out of bed and got the phone away from him. I said Hello and a man asked me who I was. I told him and he said my husband had just reported a plane had crashed in our pasture. I finally got him convinced that this had not occurred. I still consider myself lucky that I didn't have all the rescue squads in the country landing in my driveway that morning.

Sorry, I don't have any suggestions. I also tried night lights, sitting by him, and Zoloft but, nothing ever really helped.

My husband is at peace now. He passed away last Nov here with me. So, no more snakes, spiders or crashed planes for him (or for me).

Just know you are not alone, many of us have been there and done that. I hope knowing others have been through the same things will help you a little. A friend, Margaret
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hi again all,

Thanks for letting me know we are not alone. It seems the lighting issue is not our worst problem now. The VA has lost all record of fil. He has treated with them for 25 years and then one day - POOF. Put in his ss# and nothing. So they are cutting him off until we can dig up his discharge papers. At least we got a 3 month supply of meds out of them first. That gives us some time to find the 40 year old documents.

I find all this so funny. I am either developing a sence of humor or going insane. Razz
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I think w have all had an experience with a doctor who should have started grade school all over and forget about medicine.I also observe how they interact with their staff, that tells alot.My son wasnot happy with the way my husbands doctor behaved at the VA.He is a very tolerant person.Said he wanted to tell her ablout her non professinal manner.When she called me she was very pleasant.Whether he called her or she read my husbands records from the care facility.Where I reamed their butts and told them what would happen if my husbands alligations were even close to being true.Every word I said was in the record.Even the secretary , who is usually so nasty , was nice.It will be nice when the VA sets up the program for home visitation.My husband will have the benefit of the service.They also have teams of doctors and the patient is gven an A OR B team. I had a doctor tell me that the masses do not have to be ignorant of medicineas long as the informatin flows on the internet.These doctors only stick to their so called expertise.The one thing they know how to do is charge you and see that you get your bill on time.They also have been given a break as they have to attend school in a shorter time period.

Oh, the comfort, the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person, having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but pouring them all out, just as they are, chaff and grain together, certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keeping what is worth keeping, and with a breath of kindness blowing the rest away.
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Don't worry these guys are Worldwide - I had one tell me to get my Mom a Calendar so she'd know what day it was!
Wow, all that education, I was just gobsmacked! If only I'd been able to think of that!
Luckily I found her a clock which tells the day and date as well as the time and sometimes she even remembers she has it!
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Do you know what they call the person who gets the lowest grades in the class in Medical School?

DOCTOR, go figure............Corky

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Sechang-I could name a few dr. for your list of idiots who call themselves doctors-3 come to my mind immediately. The one we have right now is great- a middle aged Englishman. He is human as well as being a caring Dr. who isn't afraid to ask for other opinions.( My brother found him for us after Mike had his stroke and I was upset about him coming back here to his old Dr.)
I'm sorry things are so difficult for you right now my thoughts are with you. Remember to look after yourself. Gypsy
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I bought John one of those "touch" lamps for his bedside years ago. No more searching for the switch; it has three light levels and he sleeps with the lowest illumination. He saw ghosts in the closet, so I make sure the closet doors are shut; the blinds are drawn on the windows; and another three-way light in the living room is left on throughout the night so he is comfortable walking about and can see his environment is safe. So far, knock on wood, this has worked for us. I really don't think the ordinary night light does the job. The whole room needs illuminated so no part is left in the spooky darkness.

We should take a poll: how many of you think one or more of the doctors you deal with are idiots? Or should I rephrase that: how many still think doctors are Gods anymore? Some of them get so full of themselves. The only remedy is to keep looking for a doctor who believes healing is a partnership between himself and the patient. Actually, the newly- minted doctors are more attuned to the patient's needs than are the old-school grizzles.
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You can purchase those "special hallucination chasing" nightlights at the VA hospital gift shop. 50% off for vets with proper ID. Give them a try!

So sorry about the result of your FIL appt. Often wonder where these docs went to med school, then again maybe its best not to question. My BIL goes to VA for his psych care and meds. Sees a new doc everytime. It goes with the territory, I guess.

Keep the faith and take care,
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