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Newcomer's Posting Guide
This step-by-step guide is intended to help newcomers get started.
1. Welcome Letter (Casey)
About Our Community
Find out more about our vision and how to use this Forum and our interactive support services.
Re: To Visitors, Newbies and Seaso... (at wits end)
Casual Corner
Come on in and get comfortable. This is a place to relax, have casual conversation on today's events, and to get to know each other.
Re: a quote from John Milton. (sarakfeely)
News & Research
Stay on top of the latest research developments, including news releases and links to research tools and resources.
Re: Dont feel miserable and come f... (Melissa M.)
We Laugh to Survive
Make us laugh! Post your dumb jokes, silly anecdotes, racy rhymes, and funny caregiving stories.
ElderCare Exchange - Classified Listings
Post your online classified ad for an eldercare product or service
FreedomWand® Personal Hygiene ... (MeganZ)
Alzheimer's Disease & Dementia CareLatest Post:
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Daily Challenges
Caring for a loved one with dementia can be especially draining. Share information and tips to help cope and manage problem behaviors.
Angry outbursts (Melissa M.)
Individuals Affected by Dementia
A place where individuals with Alzheimer's Disease and other forms of dementia can connect and share ideas and information with each other.
Re: Are there any helpful medicati... (Moms_Buddy)
Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease
Dementia can strike younger people, not just seniors. The issues and concerns of young-onset individuals and their families may be different.
Re: How to tell? (Moms_Buddy)
Less Common Dementias
Alzheimer's Disease is not the only form of dementia. Understanding the nuances of less common forms of demenita can improve care and well being.
Re: Hi! (Rory)
New Caregiver's Meeting Room
This is the place if you are a new caregiver or if your loved one has just been diagnosed with dementia.
Re: Hi! I'm new in "la la land"... (Moms_Buddy)
The Anger Wall
All Caregivers get angry. It's OK! Let it out on the ALZwell Anger Wall. You do not need to be a registered member to post here -- you can do it anonymously.
Re: Kitchen sink attack, again (Moms_Buddy)
Elder Care TopicsLatest Post:
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Legal, Financial & Insurance Matters
Understanding and preparing for legal & financial changes is critical, especially given complicated insurance options. Share your tips and questions with other caregivers.
Re: Don't know how to start (Moms_Buddy)
Family Dynamics
We all know that managing sibling rivalries and talking with our parents is tough. Other caregivers can help you focus on the most important thing: quality of life.
Re: Getting messy in my family (bnot)
I, Caregiver
Taking care of the caregiver is about healthy living, stress reduction, and maintaining a positive outlook.
Re: Hi all - hope you are all well (Moms_Buddy)
Spousal Caregivers
A place where people caring for their spouses can discuss difficult topics regardless of age.
Re: Husband unable to control powe... (Bobcat)
Homecare & Independent Living
Whether you are new to caregiving or have years of hard-won experience, you can always benefit from tips and techniques from others.
Re: Caregiving for parents in THEI... (Bobcat)
Residential Options
When the challenges of homecare become too heavy, a facility staffed by career caregivers may be an option. Ask your peers how they came to accept the transition.
Re: CQC Standards Map For your Car... (Moms_Buddy)
WingsLatest Post:
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Life's Passage
As caregivers, we must come to terms with dying and death. End-of-life issues are painful, but the knowledge and wisdom of fellow caregivers can help ease the pain.
Re: Bio Dad passed away 3-17-15 (Moms_Buddy)
After the Caring
Your relationship with them has changed and you continue on with your life after your loved one dies.
Re: Change in family dynamics (Moms_Buddy)
Former Caregiver's Meeting Room
Help each other move on after you have completed your caregiving responsibilities.
Re: APB to Members (Moms_Buddy)
Share a little bit about your loved one, including name, birth, diagnosis, and death. Honor our loved ones by sharing their lives with our community members.
Re: Mom's watching over me. (Moms_Buddy)
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Team Room
Private conference room for Forum moderators.
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